Witcher? Thief? Yes please...

Ex-Witcher devs announce Seven, a Thief-inspired isometric RPG

Witcher? Thief? Yes please...

Fool’s Theory, a new independent development studio made up of former Witcher developers have unveiled their upcoming RPG, Seven.  

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Seven is a 3-D isometric role-playing game that is inspired by Looking Glass Studios’ classic stealth adventure series, Thief.  According to their website, players will take on the role of a lone traveler and will be able to explore a non-linear, sandbox world.  It also looks like the developers will be applying their experience from their time on the Witcher series by offering branching choices that have moral consequences.

Arguably the most intriguing aspect about Seven is what it’s trying to accomplish in terms of differentiating itself from other isometric titles. By and large, players have very little interaction with the game environment, following pretty rigid, pre-defined paths. Most interactions come down flipping switches, entering and exiting doors, or the occasional destructible object. Seven wants to try and change how the player moves about the environment, by introducing parkour climbing mechanics for added vertical mobility.

Seven is described as a world that is “beyond post-apocalyptic,” where man has attempted to rip God out of the heavens and bring him down to the earth to answer for the sufferings of humanity. Obviously, this has taken a toll on the world, where once great metropolis’ are little more than ruins to be plundered.  

Everything revealed thus far (which isn’t much), points to a game world that will combine science fiction and fantasy elements, referencing a faction called the Biotek Order, Technomagi, and something about the earth “farting out buildings” with “pipes full of magic”. Hey, they said it, not me.

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