A new and Pokémon Go data mine reveals exciting new details, from battle tactics to those all important legendary Pokémon!

Exciting details following a ‘Pokémon Go’ data mine!

A new and Pokémon Go data mine reveals exciting new details, from battle tactics to those all important legendary Pokémon!
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With Pokémon Go introducing gamers to the outside world, a recent data mine revealed some very in depth details about the game. With gamers all ready and willing to hear any news on the game, the details revealed range from information about trainer levels, to battle stats and finally those all important legendary Pokémon…

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Trainer level information:

The first piece of important information from the data mine is that your Pokémon Go trainer level will cap at 40! While that doesn’t seem very high, bear in mind it will take 5,000,000 XP to get there.

Also the CP of wild Pokémon will cap at level 30, meaning their base strength won’t increase any higher after level 30 is reached. For those egg hatchers amongst you, the CP level of Pokémon produced from eggs will cap at level 20, so don’t expect their strength to keep increasing after that.

All important battle tactics:

We finally have some details regarding the battle mechanics of the game. The data mine reveals Pokémon have an attack, defense and health stat, with the top dog in terms of attack power being Dragonite — with a base stat of 250. It was also revealed that Mewtwo is the most powerful, with an attack base reaching 284. So, if you see a Dragonite sitting on top of a gym, think twice before you battle it…

What about those legendary Pokémon?

Sadly, not much information was revealed on the legendary Pokémon, apart from their classification and confirmation that they are in the game. First of all, Mewtwo and the three birds are classed as legendary. But Mew however, is classed as ‘Mythic’. This creates some speculation as to why Mew is classed differently. What mysteries will be awaiting us?

It was revealed that these Pokémon do have a spawn rate within Pokémon Go, but no catch rate, suggesting we may need a master ball, which is also confirmed to exist.

All in all it is a very exciting time for Pokémon players, with more updates and bug fixes to come! 

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