Square Enix is planning to release popular mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Exclusive Final Fantasy Mobile Game Finally Coming to Western Fans

Square Enix is planning to release popular mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
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Square Enix is finally releasing more of their Japanese-only games to the their fans in the West. Square Enix is planning on releasing Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It’s a popular Japanese mobile game.

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The game has a lot to offer fans of the series. Players can create a unique, five-character party with many different Final Fantasy characters, including Lighting, Squall, Vivi and many more. The game also allows players to relive and watch all their favorite moments from the Final Fantasy series.

Players can battle through classic Final Fantasy moments and enemies with their created party. The app uses the classic ATB (Active Time Battle) system. Square Enix also has pre-registration events which gives players an opportunity to unlock rewards and possibly win a prize. Pre-registration for the game is open now. When players register they will receive Tidus to use in their party once the game is released.

There is also a mini-game called “Memories”, which requires you to shake your phone to play a slot machine with Final Fantasy characters. Classic cut scenes are unlocked when you match up characters. Fans can enter a drawing to win the chance of having their picture turned into pixel art via 8 Bit Creator, designed by creative team for Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be released to iOS and Android this spring.

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