Exclusive Interview: Matt Mocarski, Art Director for Wildstar

Mark caught up with Matt Mocarski, the Art Director and now Creative Director as well, for Wildstar.
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In this interview Matt gives us the details on what he does for Wildstar on a daily basis.  Basically he decides what gets to be in the game and what doesn’t.  He also gets to do a lot of work for the trailers and Dev Speak videos, coming up with the scripts and such.

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Matt also gives us his thoughts on why they have decided on the art style of Wildstar.  This brings him into many other topics that go into the art style such as the humor and the feel of the story.

For an example of this humor check out the video below:

Content Design

Lastly a major part of discussion is around how the design process works in regards to differences in content.  For example while in a PvP scenario, the surroundings are much less important because you are so focused on the opposing player rather than the surroundings.  For a zone where the main purpose is leveling your surroundings are very important.


This brought the discussion towards war-plots where Matt specified that they view war-plots as a PvP focused housing system. As of now the further details of that are, shall we say, classified.


Interview by Mark Taylor AKA Lord Hammer from Guild Umbra

Filmed and Edited by Brian Schaaf AKA Rothalack, Staff Editor for GameSkinny

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