Expect a More Playful Side of Ellie In TLoU’s “Left Behind” DLC

The Last Of Us single-player DLC will feature a bit lighter fare.

The Last Of Us single-player DLC will feature a bit lighter fare.

The Last Of Us is undoubtedly one of the darker-themed games available. In fact, that extreme darkness, coupled with the gory brutality, is a sticking point with a lot of critics.

However, the upcoming downloadable content, “Left Behind”, will boast some…well, lighter content. The setting is still the same, of course, so we’ll still get that pervading sense of urgency and desperation, but Naughty Dog is cooking up some so-called “playful” stuff.

According to a PlayStation Blog interview with TLoU voice actress Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Left Behind (the studio’s very first single-player expansion) will introduce players to the “real” Ellie, as it focuses on her relationship with fellow survivor and friend, Riley. Said Johnson:

“You’ll definitely see a more playful side to Ellie and get to know her a bit better. You’re going to see a lot of different sides to the character that you definitely didn’t see in The Last of Us.”

When asked to compare the DLC to the main campaign, Johnson said in fact, fans should expect something very different. It’ll feel distinctly lighter and more “fun,” simply because you’ve got two teenage girls who spend some time bonding. Sure, it’s a post-apocalyptic environment but there’s even a mall! Not a functioning mall, we’re sure, but still…

“It’s very different–a little more playful.”

The combat will feel familiar but Naughty Dog is tossing in a few “new touches and nuances.” As for the story, Johnson didn’t want to give it all away, but we know the DLC will revolve around an incident where Ellie is bitten by an Infected.

We could use a little “playful”

TLoU has won numerous Game of the Year Awards (looks like it might win more early this year) and it was my personal GotY of 2013 as well. That being said, the very dark, forbidding atmosphere does start to wear on you after a while. Plus, I’ll be very interested to learn a bit more about Ellie, who was the most important character in the game in my estimation.

Oh, and developers better start giving out more single-player DLC. Not everyone on earth plays multiplayer, contrary to popular belief.

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