Explore GTA V as a Chicken and Destroy Enemies with Poop as a Seagull!

GTA V introduces a new drug which turns players into all sorts of crazy animals! Ever wanted to poop on somebody's head as a Seagull, now you can!
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We were all very excited about the release of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PS4, especially after hearing about the long-awaited first-person mode (and the raunchieness that goes with that), but who knew that Rockstar North had this awesome surprise in store for us! 

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Hidden within GTA V are 27 peyote plants. What’s a peyote plant? (I actually had to Google this thing) It’s a drug, and Rockstar have made sure that it gives GTA V players the most ‘whacked-out’ experience possible: you’ll turn into animals!

These animals seem to be chosen at random and it is assumed that there are 27 different animals to become, one for every plant. But this remains a mystery as to whether there really are that many possibilities (I sure hope so).

My personal favourite: a chicken! It’s not the coolest animal to turn into, that’s for sure, but hearing Franklin argue with himself in chicken form is pretty hilarious!

If that’s not enough to tickle your funny bone then how about getting the chance to become a Seagull? How many times have you glared at somebody you don’t like and wished that a bird would come and poop on their head? Well now you can become that bird; poop away!

seagull gif

These transformations only last for a short while so don’t get too excited thinking that you will gain the power of Transfiguration! Other animals that have claimed to be playable are: cats, dogs, sharks and deer! What animal are you hoping to play as? As for me, I’m hoping that when you collect all 27 peyote plants, you turn into a Dragon! (Dream big right?)

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