Extinction Kickstarter Launch.

It has finally come, the launch of Extinctions Kickstarter campaign.

Extinction is a 2D story and player choice driven RPG based in a world where the human race is not far from being completely wiped out.  I know what your thinking, ‘not another indie studio making yet another zombie game’.  Although that’s technically true we feel that Extinction has something most zombie games don’t even come close to having, an amazing story line

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On release players will have access to 6 completely unique story lines. Each one having an almost unlimited amount of paths you can follow to get a unique ending. It’s completely up to you how the story ends.  Maybe you will put your life at risk to save that little girl stuck in her tree house and end up dead in the gutter.  Save someone just to have them kill you in order to save themselves.  Maybe save yourself and kill your savior for their weapon. The choices are endless.

If you are interested in the Kickstarter, Check it out here!

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