Extra Credits launches new LP channel ‘Extra Play’

Extra Credits has a new channel exclusively for LPs.

The Extra Credits YouTube channel has become a blanket for several different series: Extra History, Extra Remix, Design Club, the now-cancelled James Recommends, and the flagship Extra Credits series. But when it comes to LPs, they decided the sheer volume of videos was going to drown out their channel.

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Now Extra Credits has their first offshoot channel, Extra Play. Their original Side Quest series on Dark Souls will be hosted there as well, alongside two new LPs called “The Animation of Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate” and “The Battle of the Dans”. The Battle of the Dans is a Smash Bros. competition and self-referential joke featuring the three Dans who work at Extra Credits: host Daniel Floyd, Design Club writer Dan Emmons, and artist Dan Jones. The lineup suggests that the team will continue to upload both fun and educational videos about gaming.

Extra Credits is known for their analytical content about video games and video game culture. The series was featured on The Escapist and PATV before going independent in 2014.

 The original Side Quest videos for Dark Souls have been removed from their main channel and re-uploaded onto the new channel. If you’re a fan of those original videos, it may be a good idea to hit subscribe on their new platform.

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