Extra! Extra! Takes a Crack at Mayor Tom Ford

App Developer Pokes Fun At Mayor Of Toronto.

App Developer Pokes Fun At Mayor Of Toronto.

 A new app for Android takes a potshot at Toronto mayor Rob Ford. If you don’t already know, the mayor was involved in a scandal involving an alleged video of him smoking crack. Now Extra! Extra! Games, a Toronto based app developer, has come up with a mobile game titled Stay Mayor.

 In this game you play as the mayor, who is being chased by the media while trying to recover a video of him smoking crack. The goal is to keep the mayor’s job by collecting the $201,255 needed to buy back the video. You must keep away from the media while avoiding the crack pipes strewn about the levels. Every good game needs some sort of power up token, this one’s is buckets of fried chicken. You need that specific amount because you must outbid the amount of money Gawker raised in their Crackstarter campaign. All of this is extremely similar to the Toronto mayor’s own scandal and Gawker’s $200,000 Kickstarter campaign to buy the video.

 I tried the game out and it is entertaining at first, but I was quickly bored with it. Poking fun at the mayor for his weight and something he might not have done is not my cup of tea. They do get an A for effort from me for being very hands on, the developers respond to comments very fast and they have fixed a lot of the bugs in a very timely manner. If you want to try out this Android app for yourself you can pick it up from Google apps or click here.

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