F-Zero fan's rejoice! F-Zero X is now on Wii-U.

F-Zero X Added to Wii-U Eshop!

F-Zero fan's rejoice! F-Zero X is now on Wii-U.

While the Switch may be coming soon, Nintendo has not left the Wii U to rot. On the contrary, the Wii U has been getting a plethora of virtual console releases to tide fans over to the Switch.

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Next in the lineup is F-Zero X — a fast paced racer that pushed the N64 to its limits in speed. Now all players can enjoy it on Wii U for just $9.99, starting on January 12th. With this and Pokemon Snap both giving love the N64, let’s hope other titles get the same treatment. 

Nintendo has currently been trying to revitalize old series and introduce them to the modern age. Both Starfox and Kid Icarus have been reintroduced with varied degrees of sucess. While we did not get a Wii U or 3DS F-Zero, this shows that they at least have some interest in the franchise.

Hopefully, the success from this re-release will encourage Nintendo to give F-Zero a shot. Stay tuned for more Nintendo News.

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