Fable Anniversary Design Your Own Achievement Winner Revealed

The Winner Revealed For The Design An Achievement Contest

The Winner Revealed For The Design An Achievement Contest

At the beginning of the week Lionhead Studios launched a poll on their Facebook page as part of a Design Your Own Achievement contest. This contest was launched in preparation for the new Fable Anniversary which launches later this year for Xbox 360 only, sorry my fellow PC users.

The contest on Facebook features the five hand picked finalists being voted on. People showed their support with over 3,000 votes cast. The winner will receive not only their achievement in the game but also a Fable Anniversary T-shirt, a free copy of the game, and their name will appear in the credits.

The lucky winner Khaos Archangel received 1,585 votes for his achievement titled “Are You Not Entertained?”. The achievement has you completing all rounds of the arena without taking a break. Congratulations are definitely in order for the winner but let’s not forget about the runners up. They will be receiving  a Fable Anniversary T-shirt and some E3 Fable Anniversary badges.

Fable Anniversary will feature all new updated graphics, new updated cut scenes, remastered audio, and an achievement system. Fable Anniversary will launch exclusively for the Xbox 360 later this year, no official release date has been set.

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