Fable Game Director Does Not Know How Online His Game Is

David Eckleberry, game director for Fable Legends, said he did not know if the game would be always-online or not. He could have worded that better.

Public speaking is an incredibly valuable skill.  Being able to articulate not only to get your ideas across but also to get the right impression across is priceless for anyone.  David Eckleberry, game director for Fable Legends, might want to reconsider the impression his words leave people with the next time someone asks him about his game.

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With the games that have released in recent memory requiring a constant internet connection to play and the original always-online DRM requirements Xbox One had, it seems to be a logical question to ask if Fable Legends would require an always-on connection given its obvious multiplayer focus.  Eckleberry’s answer?  

“I don’t know the answer to that.”

Well, points for honesty, at least.

The explanation behind the reason is basically that Lionhead is still trying to decide what online format would work best, and I do appreciate the candid response.  There are better ways of wording it, however.  The last thing someone wants to hear from the person heading development for a game they are excited about is “I don’t know.”  As game director, it is his job to at least have an idea.

Perhaps next time try saying, “We are currently considering multiple forms of online usability before we lock in our decision,” or even, “We have not decided what sort of connection would make for the best experience.”

Isn’t this just nit-picking?

Yes and no.  Fable Legends is a game Lionhead Studios would probably like people to be excited about.  Anticipation for a game as potentially big as this one could be a huge factor in how successful it is, particularly given the mixed reception the previous Fable games have gotten.  Appearing to lack direction or answers to very important gameplay questions could hurt gamers’ confidence in the final product.

Just one more addition to the long, long list of things people could have worded better.  Hopefully Lionhead will be able to express more confidently the next time someone asks about the game.

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