Falling Skies Coming Soon to a Console Near You!

Alien invasions falling to a console near you!

This just in—TNT and Little Orbit, publisher of the upcoming Young Justice: Legacy gamehave teamed up to bring to life the alien invasion drama, Falling Skies, to multiple video game consoles next year! 

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Project Details

There have been some comments by gamers on N4G who speculate the game will not be any good; however, they may not have heard how close the game is intended to tie to the television series.  Little Orbit says they are working closely with the writers of the series to successfully weave the stories together.  Their planned mission is to bring this alien invasion to life in a “truly unique” interactive experience.  They are working so close together that the game will have featured voice work by the show’s actors.

Your Thoughts 

Although Falling Skies is a Top 5 Summer drama, do you think the video game will be a hit or a miss?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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