Jack Frost makes his way to the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 mod introduces seasons

Jack Frost makes his way to the Commonwealth.
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Modding will always be the best reason to play Bethesda’s RPGs on PC. Games like Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas have proven it, and Fallout 4 has been no exception. Now the game is getting a new mod that improves its visuals by a mile. 

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Dubbed Seasons, this mod by GameDuchess enables PC users to add, as the title states, seasons to their versions of Fallout 4. Despite the base game being pretty colorful already, it admittedly does get a bit boring when you realize that there is a severe lack of variation in the environment. The Seasons mod looks to fix that — and succeeds with flying colors. Have a look for yourself!

Instructions on how to install the mod are available in full — but if you’re new to modding, take a moment to make a copy of your game’s data folder just in case you do something wrong and encounter game-breaking errors (don’t worry, we’ve all messed up at some point). Oh, and save your game beforehand. 

For now, the Seasons mod is not automated, so you have to manually set the season you want for yourself. But the creator of the mod hopes to implement automation somewhere down the line, after the creation kit is made available. 

If the seasons add too much extra color, or if the vanilla game is far too colorful for your liking, check out this mod. I’ve tried this out myself and it makes the game look so much better. 

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