Fallout 4 Vault 111 location, Bomb Site, and Garage have been Discovered

Fallout 4 locations revealed by some very impressive Fallout fans.

Fallout 4 locations revealed by some very impressive Fallout fans.

Using the trailer that was released last week, a group of brilliant Fallout fans has already deciphered the locations of Vault 111, the bomb site, and the garage shown at the end of the trailer. Having only the trailer and their knowledge of Boston, they were also able to define the size of the map, by relating to major landmarks in their search for the vault.

One of the ways they were able to produce the location of the Vault was using the “Battery Tower” that they spotted in almost every shot of the trailer. From what they knew, they predicted for the “Battery Tower” to be in MIT, and using other real-life landmarks, they were able to pin Vault 111 into Whitney Hills Park in Watertown. To back up their point, they even added the shots of the trees around the park, and how the landscape looked similar to the shot of everyone running in the trailer.

The nuke site was also located and predicted to be in Brighton, along with the garage being near Cambridge. 

Bethesda’s press conference is about a week away, and we will surely be seeing more Fallout 4 during E3. Hopefully, with the impressive knowledge that these guys retained, Fallout 4‘s showcase isn’t already spoiled.

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