Fallout 76 Announces New Atlantic City Location at Summer Game Fest

A new trailer revealed a new place to explore during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Image via Bethesda

If you’re in need of a catchy Fallout themed tune, the latest trailer for Fallout 76 shown during Summer Game Fest has you covered. Featuring an announcement for the next explorable area, Wastelanders will be able to head to Atlantic City. Also announced, FO76 has reached 15 million players that call Appalachia home.

In the trailer, the song dubbed Answer the Call of Vault 76, you can see all that can happen when exploring Appalachia. From meeting other Vault Dwellers, to fighting robots, to getting chased by Deathclaws, it’s all in the trailer. With both in game footage to old time-y art, this is a song that’ll get stuck in your head. A homage to the players that have made Fallout 76 what it is, this trailer’s a fun little departure from the hardships of Appalachia.

Not much was shown about Atlantic City itself, but it seems that the area will be accessible via an Expedition similar to The Pitt. If all you think of when you hear Atlantic City is gambling, rest assured post-apocalyptic Atlantic City still has that. It also has a rebuilt aquarium. It even gives us a sneak peak at a new enemy, potentially one related to Cryptids of the area.

An updated release window was revealed during the Xbox Extended Showcase. Atlantic City will be hitting Fallout 76 sometime during 2024. A firmer date, such as a month or quarter, was not included, but it’s likely to be in the beginning of 2024 due to its announcement date.

Stay tuned for the confirmed release date and any other information regarding Atlantic City with GameSkinny. In the meantime, check out our various Fallout 76 guides for help locating items, Minerva’s current inventory, and more.

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