Fallout 76’s Season 14 Patch Notes

Season 14 is here in Fallout 76 and it brings some patriotic flair.

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Season 14 has officially launched in Fallout 76 and with it comes updated patch notes. Fight for Freedom, the name of this newest season, brings with it changes to Meat Week, a new scoreboard, and two new perks. In addition to bug fixes and quality of life improvements, plans are in the works to celebrate the game’s five year anniversary in the middle of November with a new event. Here are the details in Fallout 76’s Season 14 Fight for Freedom patch notes.

Season 14 Patch Notes

The biggest things in this patch are the new content, both to the base game and from the Season 14 scoreboard:

  • Arms Keeper Perk: Reduces the weight of Rifles
    • 25% at Rank 1
    • 50% at Rank 2
    • 75% at Rank 3
  • Stable Tools Perk: Automatic melee weapon durability bonus
    • 10% at Rank 1
    • 25% at Rank 2
    • 40% at Rank 3
  • Lite Ally Grandma Junko: She’ll make you a home cooked meal just like grandma used to
  • Mr. Handy’s Cake Maker: Unlocked at Rank 66 on the scoreboard
  • Auto-Miner Collectron Station: Hunts ore for you. Unlocked at Rank 72 on the scoreboard
  • Donation Box: Have too many Stimpaks, Pipe Pistols, or Mole Miner Gauntlets? Drop them off for new players at the new box right outside Vault 76.

Anniversary Events

October 23 is when the bombs dropped in the Fallout universe. While the day is only marked on the seasonal roadmap, I’m sure something festive will be announced.

From November 7 until November 21, special Birthday Party Challenges will be available to finish. Complete them in your Birthday Suit to receive unique fifth year anniversary rewards.

Meat Week Gets Extra Servings

Meat Week is now two weeks long. Starting August 29 and last until September 12 you’ll be able to help Grahm get his grill on. In addition to the extra time, new rewards such as plushies and decor have been added to the event pool. Grahm’s vendor inventory was also dusted off and given new items.

General updates include changes to a handful of Perks, Power Armor, Events, and enemy stats. Those are the largest changes in Fallout 76 Season 14. For the full list of balance and bug fixes, visit the official Season 14 patch notes post. If you’re looking for event coverage, how to complete quests, or where to find items, check out our Fallout 76 guide vault.

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