Fallout Is Gunning For Mobile

iOS game that lets players manage their own vault is available now.

iOS game that lets players manage their own vault is available now.

During Bethesda’s E3 Press conference, company chief Todd Howard revealed Fallout Shelter.

The game is for iOS devices and tasks the player with building and managing their very own vault. The newly announced game was released on App Stores worldwide last night and is available to download right now.

Fallout Shelter puts you in the shoes of the Overseer, responsible for all vault dwellers, making sure they are both personally content and productive to the vault as a whole.

“This is inspired by other games we love, going back 30 years to Little Computer People. You’ll see inspiration obviously from X-COM, SimCity, FTL, things that we really really like.”

Inhabitants can be leveled up and sent out into the wasteland to gather resources. Being able to effectively manage your food, water and power is key to successfully managing your vault.

A vault is only as strong as its numbers and the best way to grow your numbers is ‘the good old fashioned way’. As vault Overseer, you’re also given the privilege of naming all the newborns.

It’s not all resource management and baby making though, vault dwellers face dangers in many forms such as fires and bandit raids.

The game is free-to-play, doesn’t require an internet connection and supports in-app purchases. Real world currency can be used to buy extra lunch boxes containing random loot.

Fallout Shelter requires iOS 7 or later and is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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