Fallout: New Vegas multiplayer mod in development

The boy in blue has a crew. A new mod will bring multiplayer to Fallout: New Vegas

The boy in blue has a crew. A new mod will bring multiplayer to Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas will soon support multiplayer through a fan-made mod. New Vegas: Multiplayer will bring friends (or even foes) into the Wasteland with you. The project is still in an early state, but fans can expect more content in the coming months.

Pause the player, not the game

This ambitious mod has several key differences from the original game. A few of Fallout’s key features have been removed/downgraded. Using the Pip-Boy will no longer pause the entire game world. Rather than the game pausing every few seconds while you check stats or change weapons, players accessing Pip-Boy menus will become impervious to all damage. Closing the menu should resume normal function.

More concerning is the use of VATS being completely shut off — no more slow-motion high damage attacks. Finding a way to install VATS in the game’s final version is being discussed. For now, the feature just doesn’t match with a multiplayer game. Imagine if every raider also had VATS.

This won’t just be Fallout: New Vegas with friends

Regardless, the mod is still promising. The developers are working to give all players an equal amount of influence. The decisions of one player can affect everyone. Killing or pick-pocketing an NPC will have lasting effects for story progression — you can fail a quest you never started. The developers went on Reddit to discuss this:

The way it works currently is that quests are clientside, they still take place in the world but one player in a location will synchronise entities/NPCs to other players around them. This means that if you entered an area where a quest NPC should be, and someone has previously killed them in the cell (whilst someone is currently in it with you), then you will fail the quest on entry.

Most fans are still lost in the tizzy that was last year’s Fallout 4. This isn’t such a bad way to breathe life into a six-year-old game. Some players will be able to experience the fun sooner than others. Signups for a beta test are available on the developer’s official website.

Are you excited for a multiplayer Fallout? Happy to return to New Vegas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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