Fans Put Up Fight For Hayter to Return in Metal Gear Solid V

Twitter and are blowing up with fans demanding Hayter voice Snake in MGS5.
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If you have not been paying attention to the news for Metal Gear Solid V, you are probably unaware of what most fans of the series have been raging over. Prepare yourself: David Hayter is not going to be voicing Snake.

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I know, it’s awful. I practically wrote a thesis on my nerd-anger about the subject. Gave me and my therapist something to talk about for weeks.

The fan reaction was of both outrage towards Konami and Kojima and support for Hayter. Now it’s turned into something proactive on two fronts: a petition on and a Twitter campaign started by IGN’s Up at Noon.

Prior to today, I had never heard of Up at Noon. It’s a web show on IGN hosted by some (pretty hilarious) guy named Greg Miller. David Hayter was the guest for this episode (starting around 8:00 in) and he talked about his feelings regarding this issue. Although he manages to make some great jokes, you can still see how hurt he seems by the situation.

Greg Miller from Up at Noon encouraged fans of the series that want to see Hayter’s return in Metal Gear Solid V to tweet the following:

Dear, @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @kojima_pro @Konami: I want @DavidBHayter to be Snake in #MetalGearV. #UpAtNoon

In addition to the Twitter campaign Up at Noon is doing, a petition was started by Braden Gunn from the UK on the website This petition is, of course, for Kojima Productions to bring back David Hayter as the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V.

Currently, the petition has a little over 18k supporters. The goal of the petition is 25k. I’m not sure what will happen when it reaches that number. Maybe a switch will go off in Hideo Kojima’s brain and make him realize what a terrible person he is for kicking Hayter out yet keeping the same Japanese voice actor. I bet he hates puppies.

Just kidding, Kojima. You’re alright.

I’ve already made my feelings on the issue known. I wrote my piece, I tweeted, and I signed the petition. If you want to see David Hayter back as Snake (Solid and/or Naked), I suggest you do the same.

I write these posts, not for Hideo, but for you: D. Hayter.

Here’s hoping that Kojima and Konami listen to the fans and bring him back for Metal Gear Solid V. If they don’t, then at the very least these tweets will be a Phantom Pain in their ass to deal with. Get it? Like the game subtitle.

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