Fans Still Experiencing Issues with Halo: Master Chief Collection

343 Industries' latest game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, is still experiencing issues after latest patch.

343 Industries' latest game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, is still experiencing issues after latest patch.

It’s no secret that the studio behind the recent Halo Collection, 343 Industries, has had its fair share of technical difficulties. One of the more focused upon issues has been the long, overdrawn wait times to find an online match to play in.

Gamers around the world have been complaining that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is not functioning as adequately as it was promised to.

At the top of the list of complaints are 20 minutes and up for matchmaking, an inability to join friends online, and leaderboard sync issues.

The game has also been experience achievement tracking issues, and freezes in-game (both campaign and multiplayer).

Those who purchased the game have had a long list of what is wrong with the game and have felt open enough to say so.

343 released a statement on November 11th:

“Since the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we’ve received several, well deserved, complaints related to slow matchmaking and other issues. From everyone at 343 Industries, we are truly sorry and feel your frustration. You deserve better and we are working day and night to find solutions as quickly as possible, with our first priority focused on matchmaking improvements. “

– 343 Industries’ Dan Ayoub, Halo Waypoint Forums

With this statement was a discussion of rolling out a patch for the game on Nov 12 to fix many of the connection issues.

However, now a day after the patch released, many of the issues still persist. Some players have been able to connect better since the update, but the majority is sadly still experiencing the same issues.

343 went on their forums on Halo Waypoint and asked for people to report in their issues and connection times in matchmaking. Below are some of the responses.

You can note that some people have been waiting anywhere near an hour before connecting.

Some people have seen some minor improvement but are still battling with the additional issues that have yet to be patched.


Here is a list of issues a single gamer had. They weren’t the first to experience this, and highlights the depth of the patch work that is needed.

And some people just resort to tough love. This is an extreme reaction, but conveys the feeling a lot of gamers have since the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection

While many are calling for a quicker fix, the studio has discussed releasing another patch this coming weekend to fix some of the other issues outside the matchmaking.

No other word has come from the studio in regards to their patch fixes, but we can only assume they are working around the clock to get the issues resolved quickly on this flagship collection.

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