Far Cry 4’s “Kyrat Edition” is so Expensive it Should Come With an Elephant

If I'm not getting an elephant with this, then this version of the game is not worth this much.
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Far Cry 4 is easily one of the more anticipated games of the year, especially after the success of Far Cry 3. From what’s been shown so far, Far Cry 4 looks similar to it’s older brother but distinguishes itself enough with it’s new location and unique looking antagonist. With the games that came before it, Far Cry 4 has a lot to live up to and will hopefully not disappoint. Though, in a game where you can ride elephants into enemy base camps wielding multiple guns, I’m not entirely sure how it can go wrong.

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DLC has already been announced and now the “Kyrat Edition” will also be available at launch on November 21, 2014.   According to Ubisoft it will contain the following:

– Far Cry 4 Limited Edition game
– 3 bonus missions and a harpoon gun
– 7.9 inch figurine of the villain Pagan Min seated on an elephant throne
– 16.5×30 inch Pagan Min propaganda poster
– Travel Journal
– Map of the Himalayan open-world of Kyrat
– Exclusive collector’s box

This sounds like a pretty good set if you’re a collector of these sort of things, but wait until you hear the price: $129.99 US dollars or € 94.80 Euros. That is a ridiculous amount of cash for just those things. Does the statue dance the Cha Cha on occasion or does he just sit their on his throne looking at you with a sort smug all knowing look. It’s like he’s talking to you, scolding you for spending so much money.
“You just spent your money on a bunch of chachkies for a game you know next to nothing about. All you know is what the developers told you. That doesn’t mean anything anymore remember that Colonial Marines?  Oh that DLC? Well at least you have more missions and guns now that you don’t need. Good job, Sport.”

 Now, I understand completely if you enjoy collecting these sort of things and have money to blow. I love gamer swag just as much as the next person but I’m not sure about everyone else but that much money for this is just not worth it.  Buy it if you are really into Far Cry and you just know that no matter what you will like this game. Otherwise if you want to keep your cash, just buy the normal edition of the game, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

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