Far Cry 6 DLC Lets You Be Bad, Very Bad

The Far Cry 6 DLC lets us step in the shoes of Far Cry's most notable villains.

The Far Cry 6 DLC lets us step in the shoes of Far Cry's most notable villains.
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Far Cry 6 DLC is going to be a thing after all, though we’re not exactly sure what it’s all about yet. It’s part of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass and resurrects villains from Far Cry‘s past.

Each clip in the Season Pass segment shown at E3 2021 begins with a short text blurb saying “You are…” and then shows a character’s name — Vaas, Pagan, Joseph. Diego Castillo might not be Vaas, but this is the next best thing. According to Ubisoft, these will split into three distinct episodes. 

It’s not clear how these DLC episodes will work, though. Each villain seems to be trapped inside a twisted version of their own realities and is just as unsure about what’s going on as we are. Ubisoft did not expand further, though an official description says:

Set in twisted worlds inside the minds of each character that feature locations from Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5, each DLC will see you getting stronger the longer you survive by unlocking perks and finding new weapons. Each time you die, you’ll start over from scratch and use the knowledge you’ve gained to push further into the villain’s psyche.

The developer and publisher also said that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the Far Cry 3 spinoff that Netflix is also turning into an anime would be included in the Far Cry 6 Season Pass. Console players will have access to the classic edition of Blood Dragon, while PC players will have access to the standard edition. 

It’s not clear when the Far Cry 6 DLC will release or how much the episodes will cost outside of the Season Pass, though, presumably, it won’t be long after the game’s October 7, 2021, release date. The Gold Edition of Far Cry 6 includes the Season Pass. Stay tune for more. 

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