Fate/EXTELLA gets English trailer and story details!

The Holy Grail War begins again...or at least some kinda major problem is erupting big time.
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Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is oming to North America! There were already some news reports suggesting this might be the case, but with this trailer and some gameplay, it is definitely confirmed now.

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For those unaware, the Fate/ series (which is usually split into visual novels and games like Stay Night and Extra, as examples) tends to revolve around a few humans who can control magic. They summon one Servant to fight on their behalf in a “Holy Grail War” — a fight to have a wish granted. What’s special about the Servants isn’t just their massive power, but the fact that a lot of them are based on real and fictional stories, such as Hercules or Medea in Greek Mythology — or even Vlad the Impaler. History is usually tweaked a bit, and even genders can differ. For example, the King Arthur in this series is a woman.

EXTELLA‘s story seems to be related to the events of Fate/Extra. In both the Holy Grail War takes place on the moon as well as cyber-space. In Fate/Extra, Saber was one of three Servants the player could choose, and together with her master, sought to win the Holy Grail War. It would seem Saber and her master did win, though there appears to be problems, as many Servants appear and fight hordes of enemies, as well as each other. Unfortunately, the details are very vague as to what actually happened. Another similarity between the two games are the enemy designs. Unlike with Fate/Extra though, fights are not restricted to one-on-one.

Gameplay is extremely similar to that of Dynasty Warriors, with legions of enemies, and enemy boss units. This time, you control your Servant and slice up hundreds of foes at once using grand powers. In addition — as you can see in the gameplay video below from E3 — transformations are available too.

Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star is set to release this winter on the PS4 and Vita, published by XSEED Games.

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