Fenix Rage changes name to Fenix Furia, adds multiplayer

The fast-paced PC platformer is coming to more systems this year, with a new name and some updated features.

Today, Green Lava Studios CEO Eduardo Ramirez announced that PC platformer Fenix Rage – which will release this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, OS X, and PlayStation Vita – is changing its name to Fenix Furia due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

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The announcement, which was posted on the PlayStation Blog, included some of the changes (made in response to “constructive feedback” from players of the PC version) that will be coming to Fenix Furia:

  • Easy Mode: Not everyone is automatically a master to our fast action, so for brand-new players we’ve added a new Easy Mode. Unlike Normal mode where one hit will kill you, in Easy Mode you can get hit once and survive! We still want people to try not to get hit so they can get the Golden Cookie. Plus it’s cool not to get hit.
  • Retuned & Redesigned Levels: We’ve also reworked about 25% of all the levels in Fenix Furia — we made improvements based on direct player feedback so there aren’t so many extreme spikes in difficulty between levels.
  • Two Player Mode: We split the screen in two so that you can have double the fun! We made this because we really enjoy local multiplayer games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Rocket League (both in split-screen). It’s so much fun to play against another player on PS4 in the same room. Also, we’ve added a new character for this mode — Undead Fenix!

Details about Undead Fenix’s nature and origin were left vague, except that he is supposedly “more badass” and “has exactly the same goal as Fenix: unveil the truth about the destruction of his village.”

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