Fez II Not Heading to Xbox

Fez II on Xbox One not happening
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Fez fans won’t be able to continue the dimension-twisting adventure on Microsoft’s consoles.

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Phil Fish is one of the more outspoken indie developers in the video game industry. People got a glimpse inside the mad mind of Fish in “Indie Game: The Movie” and the stress and pressure he was under to complete Fez.

After Fez was released, his relationship with Microsoft only got worse. With save file corruptions and bugs, Fish could not afford further certification to patch the game, leaving it as is. Fish was literally counting down the days for his exclusivity contract to come to an end on his Twitter. When asked about potential release platforms for Fez 2, creator Phil Fish’s response was, “Not Xbox.”

Microsoft is making a console for itself. Not for gamers. Not for developers. Just for its own, greedy little Orwellian self. I’m not interested.”

Fish hasn’t specified which platforms he has in mind for Fez 2, but notes that the PlayStation 4 is a tempting prospect, due to its indie-friendly approach to publishing.

PS4 seems to be doing everything right. It’s too early to tell how everything is going to unfold but their heart definitely seems to be in the right place whether or not I would develop for it comes down to how the platform holder treats me. With Microsoft they’ve made it painfully clear they don’t want my ilk on their platform. I can’t even self-publish there. Whereas on PS4, I can. It’s that simple. Microsoft won’t let me develop for their console. But Sony will.

Fez is an extremely unique game not only in its visual pixle style and dimensional gamplay, but the creation of the game its self. Announced in July of 2007, Fez has seen delay, after delay, after delay. However it was all worthwhile because last year it won Eurogamer’s Game of the Year and maintains solid reviews averaging a 90 on metacritic. Fez is currently available on Xbox 360, and Steam.

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