FF14 2.1 Soundtrack Now Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order your seven hours of high-quality Final Fantasy music and miniature Bahamut now!

Pre-order your seven hours of high-quality Final Fantasy music and miniature Bahamut now!

As announced in January’s “Letter from the Producer Live”, a new Blu-ray soundtrack will be available to own for fans of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s (FF14) music. Now, pre-orders are being taken for the soundtrack, which has some nifty features and a cute little extra. The soundtrack will be available from March 26th 2014, and can be purchased through the Square Enix store.

Crafting a High Quality Product

Putting the soundtrack onto a Blu-ray disc means that Square Enix have ensured that both the audio and video included will be of the highest quality. It also means that they can cram in almost seven hours of music without being spread over several audio discs.

Whilst it does make the format a little awkward, with players requiring a Blu-ray player on their PC or home entertainment system to play it, those with a Blu-ray drive on their desktop computer can rip tracks as .mp3s so they can be put on their mobile music devices; a functionality that Square Enix themselves are promoting.

Get Wind-Up Bahamut Whilst He’s Hot!

Those who buy the soundtrack will also be treated to a charming in-game perk by the way of a Wind-Up Bahamut minion. However, wording on the press release suggests that this will only be available for a limited number of buyers as part of “the initial run of the soundtrack”. So those who want to covet the diminutive dread-dragon should most definitely pre-order.

The FF14: A Realm Reborn Soundtrack is avaiable to pre-order now from Square Enix. For more information about FF14, visit www.finalfantasyxiv.com.

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