FF7R Producer Would Like to See Parasite Eve Come Back

Parasite Eve may be dormant right now, but there's no saying it's dead quite yet.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Square Enix’s Parasite Eve, as the horror RPG series has been lying dormant for nearly a whole decade.

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Main character Aya Brea’s last foray, titled The 3rd Birthday, on PSP met critical success and sold well in both Japan and North America despite the previous game in the series being released all the way back on the original PlayStation.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake and The 3rd Birthday producer Yoshinori Kitase stated during an interview on Square Enix’s official YouTube channel that it would be “a waste” not to bring Parasite Eve‘s characters back in this age of horror titles.

Kitase stated he didn’t know of any plans to bring Aya Brea back to the gaming space, but he does feel that now is a good time to see her return. After all, Square Enix is currently seeing a boom of RPG remasters and remakes while Capcom is busy remaking key classic entries to the Resident Evil series.

Now does seem the best time to bring Parasite Eve into the collective gaming consciousness once again.

Do you think it’s time Parasite Eve saw a comeback, even if in remake form? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more on Parasite Eve, which we’ll hopefully have more on in the future. Fingers crossed. 

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