FFXIV Live Letter Summary Details Patch 6.4, Island Sanctuary, and Much More

FFXIV 6.4 is coming, along with the next raid series, island sanctuary additions, and more.

FFXIV 6.4 is coming, along with the next raid series, island sanctuary additions, and more.

Today’s Live Letter has given more than just a glimpse into FFXIV 6.4, we’ve also gotten a release timeframe for what’s to be the game’s next major patch. Naoki Yoshida announced during the Live Letter that patch 6.4 will be coming in late May. Here is a Live Letter summary to note some of the notable additions to look forward to.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Details

  • Pandaemonium: Anabaseios is the new raid coming in the patch and act as the final raid in the series. The Savage version will be coming a week later.
  • New main scenario quests. 
  • The Aetherfont is the new dungeon being included in the patch. 
  • The Voidcast Dais is a new trial at both normal and Extreme difficulties. There will also be a new unreal trial, Containment Bay Z1T9.
  • Island Sanctuary will be getting some updates to improve quality-of-life, as well as the ability to place furniture outdoors. Farmers will also have new crops and animals to choose from. 
  • New side quests centered around Tataru’s Grand Endeavour.

For the full patch notes, head to the Live Letter on the FFXIV website.

Patch 6.45

Patch 6.45 already had some items announced, alongside the Patch 6.4 details.

  • Blue Mage players will be excited to know that the level cap will rise to 80, along with new gear and quests for the limited class.
  • New weapon and tool enhancement quests.
  • New mount Rokkon dungeon.

Along with the patch details, Hatching-tide is back until April 10. A Tonberry glamour, the Frighten emote, and more are available to earn from limited time quests. Stormblood is available for free until May 8 2023 for those that own the the base game. Stormblood follows after Heavensward and leads into Shadowbringers, which then leads into the Endwalker expansion.

Those are all the details we currently have for Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.4. As it will release late May we may get more details as patch day comes closer. Stay up to date on any news by following FFXIV‘s game page.

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