FFXIV: Live Letter X Date Announced

Live Letter X announced!

Live Letter X announced!

This morning, Final Fantasy XIV staff announced the date for Live Letter X. Looks like it’s good news for everybody, since the main focus is patch 2.1 details.

Date and Themes and Content:

An Image of the Crystal Tower.

First and foremost, the Live Letter will be happening on November 22nd at 4:00 a.m. PST. That means those on the west coast will be waking up extra early to catch this. The themes will be Patch 2.1, FFXIV Q&A, and miscellaneous announcements. You can view this Live Letter on YouTube Live, Niconico Live, or Twitch.

Patch 2.1 Content Revealed:

Some of these have been mentioned several times. Other content from this announcement is fresh news. The revealed content that will be discussed during this Live Letter is listed below.

  • Crystal Tower
  • Pharos Sirius
  • Hard Mode Dungeons
  • Good King Moogle Mog XII
  • Extreme Mode Primal Battles
  • Aesthetician
  • Duty Roulette

We’re also promised that Wolf’s Den, Beast Tribe daily Quests, and Treasure Hunts in the Live Letter following this one.

Some artwork of the bosses for Crystal Tower.

The Crystal Tower was recently covered in a Developers’ Blog as well. As many Final Fantasy fans know, the original Crystal Tower was in Final Fantasy III. FFXIV’s Crystal Tower is going to feature those same bosses. This will be the first real raid content released, requiring 24 players to enter.

This patch is looking to be extremely exciting. I will definitely be waking up early for this, and will report as soon as it’s over!

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