FFXIV: Official Statement on Server Wipe

There will be no server wipe!
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The official Final Fantasy XIV twitter account @FF_XIV_EN has announced there will be no server wipe before Early Access. The players who were locked out of the game due to the 3102 error over the weekend were complaining and asking for a server wipe. Due to the fact effected players felt an unfair advantage was given to those that were able to play they wanted everyone to be on equal footing.

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What this means

Everyone who got to play during open beta will retain all progress they made on their characters. Anything you had by shutdown will remain on your characters when you login during Early Access or Official Launch. While I was personally effected on my main account I was still able to make considerable progress on my character so I would have been disappointed if that got wiped going into Early Access.

Is it fair?

In my opinion, yes. Open betas are usually just a final stress test on the servers before they go live, so whether you were actually able to play or not was the test. It wasn’t a situation where you paid to play open beta, so there was no reason to delete everyone’s data just because there were issues logging into the game. These issues helped isolate errors within the data centers enabling the developers to correct the problem.

If anyone else is as excited by this news as I am let me know in the comments below.

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