FFXIV: Patch 2.1 Confirmed For December

Patch 2.1 coming in December.
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If you haven’t read the Good King Moggle Mog XII developer’s blog, I suggest you go take a look. Whether it was intentional or not, Bayohne has confirmed that Patch 2.1 won’t be coming until December. December is still a ways away, but we still don’t even know when in December.

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We have a bunch of new things to look forward to in patch 2.1. Some things which haven’t even been announced yet. We’re still waiting on news of the second Primal Battle for the upcoming patch.

So what do we know? We have our first true raid, the Crystal Tower, as one of the highlights. Crystal Tower will be based somewhat on its original namesake from Final Fantasy III, with the bosses. We’ve got the return of the Good King Moggle Mog XII battle. These two things alone are big for FFXIV, but there is so much more.

Wolf’s Den, the first PvP content of FFXIV is launching. At least one new dungeon was confirmed. Extreme Mode Primal Battles and Hard Mode dungeons, both of which will challenge adventurers greatly.

Hey look, a pop-up book.

I’m looking forward to this patch, it will give me something to do again. Let me know your thoughts on this patch in the comments below.

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