FFXIV PS3 UI Controls are Actually Easy to Use!

Guess what? Playing an MMO with a controller doesn't have to be a chore!

Playing an MMO with a control you say? Well, that certainly sounds like a daunting task. Ah, ye of little faith my good reader, because yesterday the team from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn released an instructional video that details how easy to use their PS3 and PC controller scheme is.

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Unlike the previous iteration of Final Fantasy XIV (remember, the one that some remember as having the worst MMO launch of all time?), whose PS3 release never saw the light of day, the controller based UI looks extremely user friendly and easily customizable.  Anything a PC user is able to do using a mouse and keyboard can easily and quickly be replicated using a controller, whether that be for the PS3 or a PC controller.

Playing an MMO on a console? Sounds hard!

Luckily, if you’ve made this assumption, you are wrong! Typically on a PC based MMO, a characters main abilities will be listed on a bar near the bottom of the screen. Each ability is bound to specific keys, typically number keys 1 – 0. While some may find this setup painfully utilitarian it is a tried and tested setup that is used in many games, not only MMOs.

But What About Playing With a Controller?

As you may have assumed, having a 1 – 0 hotbar for a console isn’t very viable. Fortunately the team over at Square Enix has a new control scheme called  the Cross Hotbar. The Cross Hotbar is the controller’s answer to the usual hotbar system found in many MMOs.

The Cross Hotbar, featured above, is easy to use and customize!

With Cross Hotbar a characters abilities are dived into two groups of 8 slots. Each group is set to the L2 and R2 triggers respectively. To use an ability, simply depress either the L2 or R2 button and chose your ability with the Dpad, or the Sony traditional X, O, Δ, square (third party controllers, and Xbox 360 controllers can also be used for the PC). This allows for quick and easy access to all abilities! Additionally, the Cross Hotbar is fully customizable. Players can assign abilities, items, and emotes to the Cross Hotbar.

There is much more to see in the video below regarding the PS3 and Controller UI for FFXIV:ARR so I suggest you check it out!


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