After some lengthy inspection by the SEC, the crowdfunding platform Fig has passed review, and Psychonauts 2 will get it's money.

Fig Passes SEC Review; Psychonauts 2 Will Receive Full Funding

After some lengthy inspection by the SEC, the crowdfunding platform Fig has passed review, and Psychonauts 2 will get it's money.

Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions has confirmed that the crowdfunding website Fig has finally passed it’s extensive review by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), meaning that Psychonauts 2 will finally receive the full funding put in by unaccredited investors.

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While Psychonauts 2 had a very successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over 3.8 million dollars by the end of it, it was not able to collect all of the money it raised for quite some time due to a required investigation by the SEC. gives backers not just the option to traditionally back a game, but also the option to invest in a game’s stock, and see a small return of the game’s eventual profits.

Given the loose nature of crowdfunding liability for both backers and creators, as well as the strange and new nature of Fig’s idea, the SEC review took several months. But after a long period of borderline silence on the matter from Double Fine Productions, the news is finally out, all money can now be collected, and the guaranteed development process of Psychonauts 2 is public knowledge. Those still interested in investing in the game can still do by going to it’s official campaign page.

Schafer confirmed this in a recent update video on Double Fine Production’s official YouTube channel. This announcement was then followed up on in the same video with both Tim Schafer and Psychonauts 2 project lead Zac McClendon briefly showing off an early prototype of the game, for those interested. They’ve also released a documentary video covering the period at Double Fine just before the game’s campaign launch, as well as during the launch, for those interested in double-checking their work. 

While it isn’t very telling of the game’s content, you can watch the original announcement trailer for Psychonauts 2, down below:

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