Fillip Miucin returns to Youtube

The former IGN Editor returns nearly 2 months after plagiarism accusations

Filip Miucin, known for his work with IGN, returns to his YouTube channel after being let go due to plagiarism. In August of 2018, Miucin came under fire when his review of Dead Cells was plagiarizing Boomstick gaming’s review.

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Boomstick Gaming had released there review a few days before IGN’s. After which, it was uncovered by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier that Miucin had plagiarized multiple reviews from other outlets, such as Engadget and Nintendo Life. 

Miucin attempted to apologized for what he done, but his apology was met with negative reception from the gaming community, various gaming pundits, as well as some of his former co-workers at IGN.

Yesterday, almost 2 months after the incident, Miucin returned to making content for his Youtube channel with a video titled “The Best Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Transmitter.”

In his video, he says the following:

“While I’ve been gone, I’ve had time to reflect on things…. The Up’s and Downs of this past year have made me realized just how much I love doing this; Making video’s here on Youtube. It’s exactly where I want to be and I hope that you stay along for the ride, cause I’m going to be working hard to make this channel better than before.”

Meanwhile, in the comments section, he posted this statement:

“Hey everyone, In the past several weeks I have learned a multitude of hard lessons that continue to remind me of my missteps, and the steps that I need to take to make things right. I would like you to know how truly sorry I am. I apologize to everyone personally affected, as well as the entire gaming community. From here on out I will do everything in my power to make things right. I will continue to work on being a better person every day and hope that will be reflected in my actions to come. Thank you, Filip”

Many commenters and pundits have since criticized Miucin for still refusing to apologize to Boomstick Gaming and the various other outlets he stole from.

Fillip Miucin returns to Youtube
The former IGN Editor returns nearly 2 months after plagiarism accusations

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