Final Dishonored DLC Announced: The Brigmore Witches

The Brigmore Witches will be the final DLC to hit Dishonored.

The Brigmore Witches will be the final DLC to hit Dishonored.
Bethesda’s Dishonored comes to a gripping conclusion.

Bethesda has announced the final DLC pack for Dishonored. The Brigmore Witches will be released on all platforms on August 13, with the exception of Europe, which will get the content on August 14. The DLC will cost $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points, and will end the tale of Daud that began with the previous story based DLC, The Knife of Dunwall.

Minor spoilers from Knife of Dunwall.

The Brigmore Witches will pit you against Delilah, the head of the coven trying to destroy you. Following the betrayal of Billie Lurk, you’ll have to depend on two rival factions, the Dead Eels and the Hatters, to try and smuggle you through Dunwall and into Delilah’s hideout.

Your Chaos level, powers, weapons, item upgrades and actions from The Knife of Dunwall will be carried over, and the final confrontation with Corvo Attano will see you answer for your past crimes.

I have yet to play Dishonored, although it is definitely a game I am interested in. Dishonored has received fantastic reviews and even some game of the year nominations. Released in October of last year, sales and fan reception have given Dishonored a good shot at a sequel.

What are your thoughts on the new DLC? Do you think it will wrap up the story with a hint of a sequel?

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