Final Fantasy 16 PAX East Trailer Showcases World of Valisthea

A new Final Fantasy 16 trailer was released during PAX East, alongside loads of other info.

A new Final Fantasy 16 trailer was released during PAX East, alongside loads of other info.

The PAX East Final Fantasy 16 trailer has revealed more about the world of Valisthea. A tour of the various areas of the world, the in-game trailer features almost two minutes of footage. 

The trailer follows Clive Rossfield as he adventures around the land of Valisthea in search of revenge. You see various ruins, his Torgal Dallas, flowing waterways, Chocobos running through the desert, and cities. There is even a segment where teen Clive takes us through a bit of the castle.

Though none of the scenes are named locations so far, they’re all areas of the world that you can explore across the semi-open-world map.

Final Fantasy 16 revolves around Clive as he plots his revenge for the injustices done to his family. The protector of the Dominant of the Phoenix, he wields a large sword against his foes. Featuring over 35 hours of main game content, FF 16 is packed with a gritty story, and the narrative will be “complete” at launch

The PAX East panel also touched on more of the characters, other Dominants, and showcased some of the in-game battle mechanics. You can watch the full panel video here. Stay tuned for more as we approach the game’s June 22, 2023, launch on PS5, and keep an eye out for the game’s demo, which will drop two weeks before release.

Featured image via Square Enix.

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