Final Fantasy Multiplayer Game Could Come to Vita?

Two things hinder a Final Fantasy title on the Vita -- the publisher's apparent unwillingness to bring the title to the handheld, and type of game that fans want.

There’s vocal support for a Final Fantasy title on PlayStation Vita from a game developer, but does Square Enix voice the same opinion?

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In a quote from IGN, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said that he would love to work on the Vita and release a Final Fantasy multiplayer experience on there, and it all depends on “fan demand.”

“The potential is always there, but I’ve been making games recently on console.  Hypothetically, personally speaking, if I were to work on a Final Fantasy game for, say, the Vita platform, I would love to implement elements of co-op play and versus play, and have a Final Fantasy that has roots in allowing for people to play together.”

Whether that would ever happen to other games is up to fan demand, and if Square Enix is willing to stand by that demand and follow through.”

Fan demand brought Final Fantasy Type-0 to consoles

Here’s the thing about that fan demand. It triggered Square Enix to port Final Fantasy Type-0 (shown above) from the PlayStation Portable to another platform. However, they decided to release it on the PS4 and Xbox One, and not the Vita. Which would have made a lot more sense.

Fans slammed the PlayStation Blog post back in June over their disgust on the publisher’s decision. It’s quite clear that Square Enix doesn’t trust putting anything exclusive out on the Vita. That’s not surprising considering how little support it’s getting from third party companies. It’s done very little than become another depository for indie gaming.

Do fans want more Final Fantasy multiplayer?

Another problem is that a multiplayer experience may not be something Final Fantasy fans want on the portable device. On the IGN article, there’s plenty of comments that are either against multiplayer or just want it as an option. Square Enix’s latest jaunt into the FF multiplayer world was a mess with Final Fantasy XIV that took years to correct bugs.

The Vita’s in a tough situation. It needs bigger games to sell and an RPG that’s slapped with the Final Fantasy logo would do the portable wonders. But it needs to be the right kind of game, and it needs support by a publisher that looks to have some doubts.

Would Final Fantasy on the Vita entice you to buy a copy of the title or finally get you to purchase the handheld?

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