Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series Gives New Life to Six Classic Games

The FF Pixel Remaster series is a visual overhaul of the original six Final Fantasy games.

The FF Pixel Remaster series is a visual overhaul of the original six Final Fantasy games.
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Square Enix is releasing the first six Final Fantasy games on Steam and mobile devices as the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series. Each game is getting released individually, though Square Enix hasn’t yet announced a price or release date yet for the games.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster looks to be a mix between the original pixel graphics and the updated mobile versions, though, thankfully, without the extra bit of shine-and-gloss that characterizes the mobile versions.

As yet, Square Enix also hasn’t announced any extra details about the remasters, such as quality of life updates, extras, whether they’ll be released as a package at any point, or if we’ll see them on Nintendo Switch.

Whatever the case, it’s in keeping with Square Enix’s commitment to make its older games available to a broader audience.

Here’s how Square Enix described them in the official announcement:

The six original Final Fantasy titles that inspired a generation of RPG fans are coming to life once more in the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series.

Fans and newcomers are invited to dive into six masterpieces that bridge the ages with unique tales of epic adventure. The company will release the beloved titles individually, from Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy VI, for Steam and mobile platforms.

Square said that more information would be provided “at a later date,” so stay tuned for more on the remaster series as we learn it. 

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