Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming to PC?

Is Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to PC?

Is Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to PC?
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For those of you that are fans of the Final Fantasy series and more specifically, Final Fantasy Type-0, some good news may be coming your way. Final Fantasy Type-0 is believed to be coming to the PC, according to PC Gamer. They’re saying that MSI is claiming that they will have this game running on their laptops. This is not an official announcement however, as Square Enix has not yet made an official statement on these claims.

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About Type-0

This game originally released on the PSP and re-released for Xbox One and PS4 earlier this year. So for this game to branch out into the PC world would make sense. It’s also important to note that while this game was the number one seller in March for Japan, it was only tenth here in the United States. By bringing it to the PC world, I could see this game receiving a higher number of sales. As of today, the game has sold over one million copies worldwide. 

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