Final Fantasy Type 0 Online announced

Final Fantasy Type 0 Online Announced

Final Fantasy Type 0 Online Announced

Final Fantasy Type 0 was released for PSP in Japan back in October 2011. Just this year, an HD version was released. Now, Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy Type 0 Online. This new game will be released for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android in Japan in 2016. 

Final Fantasy Type 0 Online takes place in a parallel world compared to the original game.  Players will play in a parallel Orience with similiar RPG elements to the original game. However, Final Fantasy Type 0 Online will also have online multiplayer .

The game is described as the evolution of Final Fantasy Agito by Square Enix. Final Fantasy Agito was released for Mobile back in May 2014. It also takes place in the lands of Orience. Its story runs parallel to the main game’s story, but it follows a different conflict occuring in Orience. 

Final Fantasy Type 0 Online is meant to replace Final Fantasy Agito on mobile devices. It has yet to be made clear if Final Fantasy Type 0 Online will be released in America and Europe.

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