Final Fantasy V now available on Android!

Final Fantasy V is now available for Android! And it's only $16!.....wait.

Final Fantasy V is now available for Android! And it's only $16!.....wait.

I’m usually the first to cry foul when iOS users get all of the cool stuff light years ahead of us poor Android users, but retribution is at hand! Er… kind of, anyway.

The classic Final Fantasy 5 is now available on Android! All for the super low price of… $15.99!? Pause. Square Enix apparently knows that anything that harkens back to the good old Game Boy Advance days (and before the titles got so…teenage angsty) is pretty much a no-money-back-guarantee. 

I suppose I’m willing to cough up the dough (not without a little sass mind you) for the updated port, mostly because this is one of my favorite games in the series along with FFVI. But of course still no word yet on whether or not we’ll ever get that long awaited port….I’m looking at extra hard at you Square Enix, you conniving SOB. Of course they know die hard fans of the classic FF games will more than likely pay for the feel, but don’t expect me to not whine about it.

However they have tried to some what ease the knee jerk reflex to just go ‘wtf!’  at the price tag by adding in a few new perks. This version includes the additions of the Sealed Temple dungeon and Enuo boss, along with new sprite designs and other prettier things thanks in part to series artist Kazuko Shibuya. There will also be a few new job types, which I suppose makes me feel a little but better about forking over $16 bucks. Maybe.

FINAL FANTASY V first debuted in 1992 and was the first in the series to sell over two million copies. The title was the first to allow players to better customize their characters thanks to a new job and ability system, and introduced more detailed and expressive 2D character models.

So buy it for the throwback feels, or buy it because it’s just a darn good game. Either way Square Enix is probably getting my money.

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