Exodus revealed FFVII's trophies, adding to a small pile of evidence for a PS4 port release in the near future.

Final Fantasy VII’s PS4 trophy list has hints about the imminent port release

Exodus revealed FFVII's trophies, adding to a small pile of evidence for a PS4 port release in the near future.

Exophase, a website that tracks video game Trophies and Achievements, dropped a flashy Final Fantasy VII bomb on the gaming community. They’ve revealed all 32 trophies and their requirements for the Final Fantasy VII PS4 port. Seeing as how trophy lists rarely make it to the web more than a month prior to game release, this could indicate a December launch for the port. Read on for further evidence and the full trophy list!

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Get pumped

With holiday game launches constantly bombarding us with everything new, it’s only natural that our community begins to feel nostalgia for the past, back to the days when new didn’t entail a standard $60 price tag and costly DLC side packages. The promises of E3 2015 and PlayStation Experience 2014 push Final Fantasy VII to the forefront of our nostalgia ridden minds, leaving a hole and a craving for evidence of a fast-approaching Final Fantasy VII release. The remake still looms in the tauntingly vague future, but Exophase’s trophy list for the original game’s PS4 port could well mean gamers have some replay action in their futures.

Gah, not you. You’re the opposite of good news.

Nearly a full year to date, the PlayStation Experience of December 2014 first delivered the happy news of an upcoming Final Fantasy VII port. Back during springtime-fun in early June, Square Enix delayed the port release until winter.

The first day of winter, in case you were wondering, is Tuesday, December 22nd. Tuesdays and game releases go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and marshmallow, making it the perfect time to keep a promise. Plus, ya know, it’s right before Christmas, another solid period for promise-fulfillment. 

I’ve already mentioned the established pattern between trophy list reveals and the imminent game release follow-up. Another good indicator of an upcoming PS4 port launch lies in the fact that the PlayStation Experience event takes place this weekend on December 5th and 6th. It is by no means out of the question to expect an official release date by the beginning of next week.

No pressure, Square Enix/Sony. Except, you know, all the pressure.

Keep going, trophy list ahead

Unsurprisingly, the PS4 trophy list shares quite a few similarities with the Steam trophies for its Final Fantasy VII port. The list boasts 13 bronze and silver trophies, 5 gold trophies, and of course a single platinum trophy.


 First Blood
 Emerge victorious from your first battle


 Breaking New Ground
 Use a Limit Break


 Failure IS an Option
 Have your whole party fall in battle


 Consummate Cross-dresser
 Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females


 Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game


 Materia Mastermind
 Raise a Materia to Lv. 5


 Fledgling Summoner
 Use a summon Materia in battle


 Waiting in the Wings
 Obtain the Bahamut Materia


 Making Waves
 Obtain the Leviathan Materia


 Best Bromance
 Go on a date with Barret in the Gold Saucer


 Corel’s Angel
 Score 10,050 points or more in G-Bike at the Gold Saucer


 Shuriken Join Us
 Have Yuffie join your party


 Won’t You be My Valentine? 
 Have Vincent join your party



 Roundtable Destruction
 Obtain the Knights of the Round Materia


 Obtain the Bahamut ZERO Materia


 The Slash to End All Slashes
 Learn Omnislash—Cloud’s last Limit Break


 Loose Cannon
 Learn Catastrophe—Barret’s last Limit Break


 See the Light
 Learn Great Gospel—Aeris’s last Limit Break


 Packing a Punch
 Learn Final Heaven—Tifa’s last Limit Break


 A Universe of Pain
 Learn Cosmo Memory—Red XIII’s last Limit Break


 Meet Your Maker
 Learn All Creation—Yuffie’s last Limit Break


 Gale Warning
 Learn Highwind—Cid’s last Limit Break


 Wheel of Fortune
 Learn Slots—Cait Sith’s last Limit Break


 Inner Demons
 Learn Chaos—Vincent’s last Limit Break


 Coming Up All Nines
 Obtain 99,999,999 gil


 Liege of Leveling
 Reach Lv. 99 with one character



 Emerald Eviscerator
 Defeat the Emerald Weapon


 Ruby Render
 Defeat the Ruby Weapon


 Diamond Disintegrator
 Defeat the Diamond Weapon


 Transcendant Convoker
 Obtain the Master Summon Materia


 A Feat of Meteoric Proportions



 Gaia’s Guardian
 Obtain all trophies

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