Final Fantasy XIV Beta Phase 4 Begins August 17th, 16th for Phase 3 Testers

Phase 4 is almost upon us! Are you ready?

Phase 4 is almost upon us! Are you ready?
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I may be all over Dota 2‘s The International right now, but there is no game I want to play more than Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Phase 3 was taken from us too soon.. but Phase 4 is on the horizon, with Early Access for Legacy accounts and pre-order holders starting on August 24th.

Phase 4 will officially begin on August 17th, with those who participated in the Phase 3 beta stage allowed access a day early on the 16th. The level cap during this short test will sit firmly at level 20, but there will be no wipe between the last of the beta testing and official launch.

Several new features will be added during Phase 4, including the Arcanist and Fishing roles and the beginnings of housing. If you happened to miss this morning’s Live Letter, check out this convenient post on Reddit filled with the information dropped this morning by Yoshi-P et all.

With housing, marriage (uh..), PvP, and so many other features confirmed to be coming Final Fantasy XIV is looking even better. I eagerly await the start of Phase 4, and the other surprises in store as we move ever-closer to A Realm Reborn’s official launch!

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