Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Now Has No Time Limit

Have you ever wanted to try Final Fantasy XIV? Now might be the time, since there's no longer a time limit on the free trial.

Have you ever wanted to try Final Fantasy XIV? Now might be the time, since there's no longer a time limit on the free trial.
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Ever since the re-release of Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, Square Enix has been updating the game pretty consistently. Because of all this support from its developers and the enthusiasm of its fans, Final Fantasy XIV has grown – with a second expansion coming in June so even more players will be exposed to this great MMO. But before that launches, Square has removed the time limit from the game’s free trial period so prospective players can test it out at their leisure.

At launch, Square Enix allowed new players to try FFXIV in a free trial that was very limited. You had a 14-day window to check it out, with a level cap of 35. Once you hit either the time limit or the level cap, the game locked you out of chat and asked you to buy the full version. 

Now, Square Enix has removed the two-week limit on the free demo, so you can go and do everything without worrying about how much time you have left in the trial period. The level cap of 35 is still active, but players now have access to many other areas and gameplay features that weren’t available in the previous test built – like trying different jobs, running the first 10 levels of Deep Dungeon, testing their luck at the Golden Saucer, and more.

The previous trial also gave you a limited amount of time to buy the full game so you could continue your character — and you’d lose any progress you made if you didn’t pick it up during that window. But now that the time limit has been removed entirely, anyone who’s created a character in the free trial won’t lose their progression if they wait a while to buy the retail version. 

If you were on the fence about purchasing FFXIV, the free trial is a good way to experience the game beforehand. You can download it for PS4 or PC to try it out for yourself — especially before the Stormblood expansion drops on June 20th. 

Are you going to give the FFXIV trial a go? Planning to dive back in now that you won’t be locked out after two weeks? Let me know down in the comments!

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