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Get Your World Transfers Now For Final Fantasy XIV
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As of today, Final Fantasy XIV is offering world transfers for version 1.0 characters. This is to make sure that all regions have plenty of population on their worlds. This is a good move to keep regions like Europe and America playing with people in their similar time zone.

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If you are already on a named server you will be automatically transferred to a server with the same name. If you want to go to a different world for a different region you must apply for a transfer. To guarantee you choose the correct world for your region there is a table of world regions for you to check out. Be aware players are free to transfer their characters to any region.

Version 1.0   FFXIV: ARR
World Name Location World Name Location
Ridill Japan >>> Ridill Japan
Masamune Japan >>> Masamune Japan
Durandal Japan >>> Durandal Japan
Aegis Japan >>> Aegis Japan
Gungnir Japan >>> Gungnir Japan
Sargatanas Japan >>> Sargatanas North America/Europe
Balmung Japan >>> Balmung North America/Europe
Hyperion Japan >>> Hyperion North America/Europe
Excalibur Japan >>> Excalibur North America/Europe
Ragnarok Japan >>> Ragnarok North America/Europe

Your friends list as well as any items you possess will be transferred with you, and you will be able to keep your name as long as someone on that server doesn’t already have it. Characters with conflicting names will be many so don’t fret, the guidelines for choosing who keeps their names are clearly defined by this priority.

1. Characters that qualify for Legacy status.
2. Characters whose subscriptions ended after September 30, 2012.
3. Characters that were created first.

The application period for transfers will be from PDT, June 21 (Friday) to 07:59 PDT, July 15 (Monday), 2013. The transfers will take effect at the beginning of phase 4 of the beta, so you might wanna get ahead of the pack and request your transfers now.


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