Final Fantasy XV: Broody Characters to Boot

Square Enix releases information of Broody McBrood and his gang of angsty followers.

Square Enix releases information of Broody McBrood and his gang of angsty followers.

Square Enix has recently released a few character bios from Final Fantasy XV and  I’ve been doing some digging around. There is one thing that seems to be constant in this game: angst. It’s like Square Enix wants us to cry all over the place. Get ready for some of the most angsty characters to ever angst.

You don’t believe me. Lets start with the most broody of all the broods.

Our Main Character

Noctis Lucis Caelum, or “Noct” as he’s often referred to, suffered a childhood affliction that has left him able to see a heavenly light that enables him to sense others’ deaths. Despite being the heir apparent to the throne of Lucis, Noctis rejects royal convention even to the point of being something of a renegade, though his loyalty to those around him is unquestionable.

If you know Latin – or read Harry Potter – you know that Noctis is derived from the Latin word for ‘night.’ As most characters whose name has something to do with night, Noctis is sad about stuff. He almost died and now he can tell if someone is going to die soon. Basically he’s going to be huffy the entire game. He also has some sort of daddy problems because he really doesn’t want the throne. If I was him, I’d be all over it – but I’m not the one with the name Noctis.

Stella Nox Fleuret is a young girl and ambassador from the Tenebrae’s Kingdom, which her family Fleuret is from. Her connection with Noctis Lucis Caelum is still unknown, but they have a conversation in which both of them talk about seeing the “Light of the Dead”, which is some sort of power they received after an almost death experience, letting them know when someone is about to die or is dying.

Yay, Noctis has a friend! And her middle name is also derivative of the Latin word for night. Wait, she can also tell if people are going to die? Well, at least he has some sort of support group. Lets just hope she doesn’t have the same demise as our beloved Aeris. From the trailer, I think she just might.

Gladiolus Amicitia is lord of the noble House Amicitia, which is sworn to protect the crown. Despite this, the bond between “Gladio” and Noctis goes deeper than simply being one of duty, but is instead one of friendship.

Well, he doesn’t seem to be too bad. He might be a little upset about the scar on his face, I would be. The whole “sworn to protect the crown” title will probably end in more brooding. I’m not sure about this whole Latin connection, but his name is probably also derivative of “gladius,” meaning “sword.”

Ignis Scientia was raised to offer his unwavering voice of reason in counsel to Noctis. Weaned on shrewd logic and a classical education from youth, he and Noctis share a deep mutual understanding and trust built on years of familiarity.

Sounds like Buzz-Killington over here. Sigh, who goes through life just to be Noctis’s advisor. That sounds boring.

Prompto Argentum is a mischievous playboy who knows Noctis from school. Being from outside the royal circle has left him with a chip on his shoulder, but he’s still eager to help in any way he can.


Okay so he’s upset because he’s not royal? Poor baby. I can’t even… This could have been a great character for some much needed comedic relief and he’s sad because he’s common?

Lord Commander Cor Leonis is a living legend, completely devoted to the king. Though he and Noctis’ ragtag band of followers rarely see eye to eye, he is honour bound to protect them.

This character sounds pretty familiar. “Bound to protect them?” Doesn’t see eye to eye with a ragtag band. I think I know a “Rusty” knight who already had that position. He’ll probably say they shouldn’t do something, and Noctis and his band of brooding followers will do it anyways.

In all honesty, I’m very excited about FFXV and the new characters, I mean, see how cool they look? I just wish they weren’t so sad. I can only imagine the amount of angsty sobfests to come from this game.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To hold you over until more information is released, check out some gameplay.

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