Final Fantasy XV release date to be announced in March 2016

Final Fantasy XV will receive its release date in March 2016.

Final Fantasy XV will receive its release date in March 2016.

It was announced in a PAX Prime panel that Final Fantasy XV will receive a release date in March 2016.

It has been confirmed by Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata that the game will indeed launch in 2016; however, a firm release date will not be unveiled until March of next year.

Additionally, Final Fantasy XV will see a simultaneous worldwide release, meaning no jealousy between gamers living in different regions.

Fans of the series will be sure to wait for this next installment, seeing as how they have already been waiting since E3 of 2006 when Final Fantasy XV was announced. What’s another year or so? 

Players will be able to explore a vast world, and even sail to other continents within the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Have you been waiting for this game since its original announcement? If so, are you still hyped for the next entry in the Final Fantasy series? Voice your opinion in the comments below. 

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