Finally! Magma Chamber debuting at League of Legends All-Star game

No more '1v1 at dragon noob'. The All-Stars are about to show the world how it's done.

It’s been a damn good week for MOBAs. EA is coming out with Dawngate, League of Legends All-star matches start up on thursday, and everyone on steam were given a million Dota 2 Keys again (seriously, if you don’t have one now, leave me a message, my inventory is overflowed with them). Now, something that LoL players have been waiting for the last three years is about to make its first ever appearance.

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For those of you who don’t know’, League of Legends is hosting a fantastic All-star match up starting this Thursday in Shanghai, where 25 of the worlds best players compete to see who is top dog. It’s standard stuff, with people separated into countries, battling it out until only one remains the victor. Video summary, below.

You know what’s not standard? A one on one versus mode on the most anticipated map of all time.

Magma Chamber was hinted at three years ago by Riot games as the place to have your duels to see who was stronger. An arena to practice your ‘Mid Battle scrub’ techniques with little reliance on items and more on player skill. It is a new form of MOBA battle where the goal is not to just charge in until you can take the Nexus.

So far according to Riot’s website the three major ways to win are to kill a hundred minions, destroying the lone enemy turret, or, if you are man enough, be the first to kill the opponent. So you can see why they are previewing this game with 25 of the best LoL players the world has to offer.

The map itself looks quite simple – one general lane with two branching side lanes (possibly for obtaining special items or neutral enemy kills), with the whole map surrounded by, well, magma. But until the tournament itself starts, we will have no real update just as yet as to how it truly works.

There may be some time before it becomes available to the public so for now, get your asses over to the lolsports web page, and get ready to watch some throwdowns!

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