Find Official Sites for R4I Cards in the UK

The best ways to find trustworthy R4I resellers
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Nintendo won the case against usage of R4 cards to play pirated games on Nintendo’s handheld console. With all the legal problems prevailing in United Kingdom, many users are concerned about where to buy their flashcards.

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Buying a fake clone can lead to serious consequences like damaging the console permanently. There are many fake products that provide a guaranty too. But are they reliable? Where is the best spot to buy R4i card UK?

What are R4i cards?

R4i cards are the flashcards that are designed for Nintendo DSi. It helps to expand the memory of the console, enabling it to become a multimedia machine by helping the users to store more games, files, access to the internet and many other features. R4i cards can be used in other Nintendo old versions, too. If you have more than one console that is older than DSi, R4i is a perfect choice for all the consoles. There are many types of R4i cards available in the market with different features. Read the description of the product to find the compatibility before buying.

Where to buy?

Buying from the original manufacturer site is the best option. There are many other sites that claim it to be an official reseller of the manufacturer. Are they reliable? Buying from the official reseller is a better option only if they are actually the site they claim to be.

How to find official reseller?

There are cards like R4i gold 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS and many others. Finding which card is suitable for the console is the first hurdle, and the second one is finding the trustworthy official reseller.

The list of official resellers is provided in the manufacturer site. Let us consider that a user is trying to find the official reseller of R4i gold 3DS cards. The following steps should be taken.

  • Go to the official site,
  • Click on the ‘where to buy’ button on the site.
  • The list of official resellers will be shown.
  • Choosing among them is not a problem as they are all trustworthy sellers.

Other ways to find a trustworthy site

Apart from choosing one from the list provided in the official site, there are ways to check whether a site is trustworthy, as it claims to be. They are:

  • The product page of an official reseller will always have recent news and update on the product. However, this option sometimes does not work as some fraud sites can exactly duplicate another site.
  • The best option is to discuss in forums. There are a lot of forums and other answering columns that talk about their experience in buying from the site. Do not believe every single comment on the forum. Read all the comments and then come to a conclusion.
  • Another way to gather information about the user experience is the review of the site or the testimony. In this case too, it is not advisable to take into account every comment you find in the review page as few can be made by the site owner to increase the popularity or by other site owners to decrease the same for this site. Take the majority of opinion and decide. While reading about the reviews, make sure you know about the site’s products, pricing, presales support and after sales support and services.

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